Establishing an innovation hub for next-gen healthcare technologies

Formed in 2019, IntelliHQ  is a member-based, not-for-profit organisation closing the gap between medical and health professionals and technologists.

By promoting research, development and investment in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and big data technologies within the healthcare sector, IntelliHQ facilitates great improvements in healthcare workflows and delivery. We believe these beneficial tools will not replace, but support the already instrumental work of health professionals.

This vision supports a focus on awareness, advocacy, collaboration and innovation incubation. IntelliHQ strives to champion the responsible integration of AI, ML and big data innovations into healthcare systems and build translational confidence and knowledge in their use.

Our priority is to improve health outcomes across the board to support healthcare providers deliver exceptional, equitable care. Alongside our strong network of partners, IntelliHQ is pushing the medical space forward.

Our approach


To improve patient outcomes and increase access to quality care by responsibly improving and integrating AI in healthcare systems.


A more equitable, accessible, affordable and efficient healthcare system empowered by AI.


To uplift the capabilities of clinicians by bridging the gap between medical professionals and innovative technology.

Our driving values


We strive to empower healthcare providers to adopt next-gen technologies that can facilitate their work and enhance patient care, improve clinical workflows and maximise cost-effectiveness.


By emphasising the responsible governance and use of next-generation technologies, IntelliHQ is guiding an ethical and capable future for healthcare.


We’re bringing together health and medical professionals, data scientists, students and industry leaders to innovate with data-driven and AI-powered solutions.

Inspired by equality

Diversity and equal opportunity for all walks of life is embedded in IntelliHQ’s future-focused programs and training courses, as well as within our organisation. We believe that a fair reflection of the world’s diverse communities within the AI industry is vital to building a culture of AI in healthcare that protects and celebrates those who are vulnerable or underrepresented.

IntelliHQ’s Diversity in AI program extends opportunities to women, non-binary people, transfolk and people of colour to challenge the industry norm and become leaders in AI. The program encompasses training, leadership workshops and work placement opportunities within the expanding space.

Partners in innovation

IntelliHQ’s strong network of partners support our mission to empower the healthcare space. Our partner network encompasses hospital and healthcare providers, HealthTech leaders, digital innovators and educational institutions that believe in the positive potential of big data analytics and AI.

Together, we’re working towards a more accessible, affordable and efficient healthcare system, improving patient outcomes across the board. We thank our partners for their unwavering support and for the resources they share.

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Become a partner

Please reach out to IntelliHQ to discuss events, projects, collaborations or other enquiries. Our team will be in touch shortly.

Together, let’s lead the future of healthcare. Reach out to the IntelliHQ team today.

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