Diversity in AI Program

Innovation within the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way the world works, communicates, cares and understands. However, there is a considerable bias and gender disparity within its ecosystem of opportunity.

That’s why IntelliHQ’s Diversity in AI program strives to extend opportunities to women, non-binary people, transfolk and people of colour to become leaders in the industry and set the groundwork for an equitable, illustrious future for AI.

With initial funding by the Australian Government’s Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship (WISE) program, the Diversity in AI program brings together Australia’s brightest underrepresented innovators to form a community of today and tomorrow’s AI leaders.

Less than 26%

of AI innovators are identified as women, non-binary or transgender.

Less than 5%

of AI innovators are women, non-binary or transgender people of colour.

How it works

The Diversity in AI program is a 12-month journey encompassing a ten-day bootcamp, on-going training, leadership workshops and work placement opportunities within the expanding AI space. Participants go on to contribute to thought leadership and organisational strategy in AI development and implementation.

AI leadership bootcamp

A ten-day intensive where participants dive deep into the world of AI alongside Australia’s most tech-forward young individuals. It focuses on building a working understanding of AI’s capabilities and potential, learning how it will power the future economy. With knowledge, insights and guidance offered by the AI leaders and adjacent professionals, tomorrow’s innovators learn about all aspects of a successful career.

Sponsor scholarships

The Diversity in AI program is sponsored by some of the best in the business and they’re looking for the next generation of leaders. Opening up avenues into the ever-expanding industry, various scholarships will be up for grabs throughout the journey.

Expert ambassadorship

Participants gain fruitful guidance and mentorship from past program graduates. With their career and technical knowledge, the cohort will be empowered to address gender bias in AI and carve out their own tech-enhanced future.

Lead the future of AI

Enter and excel in an AI-focused career with confidence, support and knowledge that you’re setting the groundwork for underrepresented populations of the present and future. The doors are wide open for those who are willing to step up.

IntelliHQ’s Diversity in AI program arms you with the tools you need to make a contribution to the transformation ahead of us.

Together, let’s lead the future of healthcare. Reach out to the IntelliHQ team today.

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