Fostering the future of healthcare and AI

IntelliHQ’s various training courses, seminars, challenges and events strive to bring together future-focused communities innovating or interested in the ever-dynamic space of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and big data analytics.

By building pathways between healthcare executives, clinicians, nurses, researchers, innovators and underrepresented populations, they bridge both knowledge and opportunity gaps to establish thriving hubs of progression.

Together, IntelliHQ believes that participants will carve out the future of a more accessible, affordable and efficient healthcare system for all.


AI in Healthcare Training Program

Supported by the Medical Research Future Fund’s (MRFF) $32m Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) initiative.

A comprehensive up-skilling program built for healthcare leaders, clinicians, researchers and scientists. The program explores the areas of big data and AI, amplifying the capabilities of today and tomorrow’s healthcare innovators.

Executive Masterclass

As a healthcare leader or senior hospital staff member, you’ll explore the potential of big data and AI, learning how to responsibly govern these new technologies, improve patient health outcomes and amplify clinician workflows.

Clinicians and
Researchers Training

Expand your capabilities as a healthcare clinician, scientist or researcher by gaining confidence in AI technologies and solidify skills surrounding translational health and medical research.

Healthcare Datathon

IntelliHQ’s Healthcare Datathon is a pitch-networking collaborative challenge uniting commonly disconnected clinicians, data scientists, researchers and technologists. Together, they race against the clock to present actionable solutions to real-life healthcare challenges using expansive, de-identified healthcare datasets and machine learning (ML) tools.

At the completion of the event, the data-based solutions are presented to a distinguished panel of judges with the winners receiving ongoing support that could further develop their potentially life-changing ideas.

Diversity in AI Program

Extends opportunities to women, non-binary people, transfolk and people of colour to become leaders in AI. The program encompasses training, leadership workshops and work placement opportunities within the expanding space.

Participants go on to contribute to thought leadership and organisational strategy in AI development and implementation.

Building actionable, cultivable skills in-person and online

IntelliHQ ignites powerful opportunities for collaboration between clinical and technical leads, other healthcare workers, data scientists, students, industry professionals and underrepresented populations. We are committed to establishing thriving hubs of thinking and provide fruitful opportunities for the leaders of the next generation.

Upcoming opportunities

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Past opportunities

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Together, let’s lead the future of healthcare. Reach out to the IntelliHQ team today.

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